It’s The ‘Thud’ Of It – Axe Throwing hailed as bowling for the 21st Century

June 11, 2022

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Axe throwing, hailed as bowling for the 21st Century, comes to Everett and Camano Island

Story by Megan Campbell Everett Daily Herald | Washington North Coast Magazine Winter 2021

Scott Shrock demonstrates proper axe-throwing form at Arrowhead Ranch on Camano Island.

Arrowhead Ranch on Camano Island, 615 Arrowhead Road, was founded in 2016 by Randy and Marla Heagle. It hosts the Stanwood and Camano Island Soap Box Derby. In addition to a soap-box track, Arrowhead Ranch offers axe throwing and craftsman workshops.

Its axe-throwing barn is 1,150 square feet. The barn features two 12-foot-long ranges with two targets each. Players throw 12-inch hatchets that weigh about 1¾ pounds. Each rental allows for 90 minutes of playtime. Rent one range for four to eight players for $35 each — or book nine to 12 players and get the space for $300. Rent both ranges for 13 to 24 players for $500. You must be at least 15 to play.

[…] “Maybe it’s the new bowling or darts — it’s definitely similar,” said Katie Shrock, Arrowhead Ranch manager. “I’d say it’s becoming very popular.”

[…] If you want to get serious with urban axe throwing, you can join the World Axe Throwing League, which has official rules and tournaments. Arrowhead Ranch is a registered member of the league. Arrowhead Ranch has certified “axe-perts” on hand to instruct customers on throwing the axe and removing it from the target. They also ensure that no one is throwing while other players collect their axes.

Katie Shrock pulls an axe out of a wooden bull’s-eye at Arrowhead Ranch.

[…] As long you follow the safety rules and recommendations, axe throwing is safe. “Everyone should come and try,”  “It’s not scary. It’s not bad. It’s a fun night out and a stress reliever.” “The best is when people come very nervous and timid, and learn that they can throw and get a bull’s-eye,” Shrock said, adding that about 90% of customers get at least one bulls-eye. […]

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